So lets get started with the creator's quotes and other stuff released in the media. However, much to their shock, he makes quick work of the Earl. with him and commented if she's Lelouch's girlfriend, to which she replied that he proposed to her, and suggested a wedding being held at the Kururugi Shrine for them. Suzaku is later shown at Shirley's funeral mourning her death. He stops Nina from attacking Zero during a chess game against Schneizel but was remind about the incident. He joins Lelouch during Zero Requiem as well. After Lelouch is resurrected, Suzaku is initially under the assumption that Lelouch planned the whole ordeal without his knowledge and attacked him, but after calming down and being told Lelouch hadn't lied, he told Lelouch he was glad he was back. added by usernameinvalid. appears. Lelouch comes up with a plan and Suzaku is able to defuse the bomb and come to Lelouch's aid. bomb. As the plot progresses, The group later encountered a group of Gareth Knightmare Frames, along with the Knight of Ten, Luciano Bradley, and surprisingly Li Xingke, who have sided with Seasons. Code Geass: Akito the Exiled - OVA 1+2 auf Bluray Code Geass im Stream sehen Bislang ist noch nicht klar, wo (und ob) ihr die neuen Folgen von Code Geass online im Stream sehen könnt. As seen during the Britannian massacre of the Shinjuku Ghetto, he got the Lancelot to perform a mid-air kick, the same move he used on Lelouch in the underground tunnels. Code Geass R1 Ending 1 FULL by M Bonilla published on 2013-08-03T02:57:54Z. Following the battle, Suzaku can only laugh madly at the destruction he has caused. -Suzaku musing at his friendship with a brainwashed Lelouch. Unwilling to sacrifice the innocent, Suzaku held a more positive outlook on Britannia, believing that it could be changed for the better. Outside of Ashford, his primary casual outfit is a red jacket with a black shirt underneath and grey trousers, though he has occasionally worn other clothing. will still be a bittersweet ending, as he will still end up with no ties with his friends and family and with the world always remembering him as an evil dictator. Suzaku and his Albion are almost defeated, but are saved by Charles' defeat. He still believes that he can change the world from within. Unable to find any sort of sign, Suzaku lets Lelouch talk to the new governor of Area 11, Nunnally, which also ends in failure, thanks to Rolo Lamperouge using his Geass to freeze Suzaku temporarily. Later, Zero kidnaps the Empress during the ceremony. Before they can get answers, Suzaku's superiors come and tell him not to question his briefing and to shoot the "terrorist", Lelouch. Kei and Olson D. Verne from Super Dimension Century Orguss, and Kei ask whether he would join them, which Suzaku refuse because of their alliance with Zero and prepares to attack, but was interrupted by one of the Seasons, Spring One, in her Core unit, Sea Plant, with a group of Icon units. Since Jeremiah is fiercely loyal to Lelouch and dedicated to saving him, he might have opposed the idea of Lelouch killing himself and as a result Lelouch might have told him about his immortality. But honestly, I was kinda convinced last night (after reading the writer's interview and some blog posts and forums) that Lelouch was dead; yet not until you mentioned about the last part; which was C.C's wish. Unable to change his father's mind, Suzaku murdered him during a heated exchange. His rank within the military is initially Private, but he is promoted to Warrant Officer by Cornelia when she first arrives in Japan. From there, the two enjoy each others company, signifying that their bond has remained strong despite all that they have been through. Lelouch then told her that he knew what her true wish was and if she's a witch then he'd be a warlock and he'll make her smile. Even when Lelouch managed to predict his movements, Suzaku's reflexes allowed him to narrowly escape what would have otherwise been certain death. On April 23, 2010, Adult Swim's rights to this series expired. Suzaku in the end of The Miraculous Birthday. Actually the list did got it right when it mentioned his name because to activate the code one first needs to die as we saw in Charle's and C.C. He finally ended up killing Gawain using a sword known as The Sword With the Red Hilt, mirroring the red sword Suzaku used to run Lelouch through in the Zero Requiem. Original / Romaji Lyrics English Translation; Lyrics from Sono hitotsubu no shizuku de sae mo Hana wo mamoru ka mo shirenai Sono … 3.1 Chapter 6; 3.2 Chapter 11; 4 Code Geass: Nunnally in Wonderland; 5 Code Geass: Akito the Exiled. XD. However, much to the shock of everyone in attendance, Suzaku defeats every single one, without a single scratch. He was revealed along with C.C. In Code Geass Novel 0, Suzaku kills his father months before the. All those blog posts also forgot about that. After Lancelot killed Gawain's unarmed brothers, Gaheris and Gareth, when he rescued Guinevere from the stake, Gawain swore vengeance and challenged him at every opportunity, though Lancelot refused to finish him off. Suzaku is attacked by Jeremiah Gottwald and Guilford under the influence of Lelouch's Geass. But even if it doesn't lets hope, as i stated at the end of my post that we get some great news next year(as its the 10 year anniversary of Code Geass) !!! added by Katherine1517. At the Specially Administrative Zone's inaugural ceremony, Suzaku sees Zero and wanting to request Euphie's assistance which Euphie said it was okay. Ein Jahr ist seit der Niederschlagung des Aufstandes der Schwarzen Ritter vergangen. Thus Suzaku chooses to fight side by side with Lelouch as a faithful knight, to complete the Zero Requiem they devised together. After the invasion of Japan, Suzaku seemed detached but sad. Both his knight outfit and his pilot outfit are also customized with a blue samurai arm gauntlet. He obtains Code (Charle's/V.V. But after the confrontation at the Kururugi shrine, the explosion of F.L.E.I.J.A., and the encounter with the Emperor in the World of C, he realizes that Charles caused Euphemia's tragic actions, Suzaku completely changes his views and adopts the same approach and beliefs as Lelouch. Chr.) Just after the creation of the United Federation of Nations is cut short by the Emperor's appearance, Suzaku was shocked. Suzaku finds it hard to believe as the two point their guns at each other and fire, with Lelouch missing the shot and Suzaku shooting away Lelouch's gun, but later one of the Glaston Knights shot at Lelouch and left him injured. In the manga spin-off series, Suzaku's appearance is changed slightly. He also shows to have a very good instinct, as seen when he made accurate guesses about Zero's identity and, based on that, predict what Lelouch is likely to do. I think I honestly also hate when highschoolers, teens, whatever are basically god tier intelligent and are thinking 40 plots into the future. The mecha's superior abilities also help, as few other Knightmare Frames can match its astonishing speed or overcome its considerable defenses even if they outnumbered the Lancelot by a tremendous degree. Suzaku still cares for his first, true, and best friend. Following the Black Rebellion, Suzaku is knighted by the Emperor and given the title of Knight of Seven. However Suzaku is still hesitant, due to doubting his actions, as to how he wasn't willing to execute his assassin until Anya took over. Finally, he met Euphemia while at the Academy and not on the streets. The two arrived at the school's chapel, acting as the Neo-Chinese's HQ, and confronted the leader, but was tricked and their souls were absorbed into mystic item known as the "Thousand-man Silver Vase". During this time, Suzaku had a more hardened personality and seemed willing to use more underhanded tactics, such as attempting to use Refrain on Kallen, though he discards it soon after. In episode 20 of Code Geass we finally learn what happened to Lelouch and Nunnally’s mother, Lady Marianne. But while Lelouch answers Suzaku's questions such as saving him when he was held for Prince Clovis' murder and saving the student council at the Lake Kawaguchi situation, Suzaku recognizes Lelouch's face as someone who does not tell the whole truth to accept punishment since it was the same face Suzaku had after he'd killed his father. The setting in his world will be an alternative version of the event of R2. At the time he assassinated Lelouch under the guise of Zero, he was also able to dodge incoming gunfire from 6 separate Knightmare Frames. - which Lelouch turned into a promise of ending her isolation and making her happy again. However Zero manage to convince him that the battle is not about Britannia or Japan but their worlds, leading Suzaku to reject Gino's offer and fight alongside Zero and defeating both Gino and Anya. That makes Suzaku tell her that he killed his father and wants to atone for what he did. People say that Lelouch living is a cop out and goes against everything he believed. She confesses her feelings towards Suzaku and learns he loves her back. This drives him to find and kill Zero at all costs; this is exemplified when he brutally kills anyone who gets in his way, including senior Black Knights member Yoshida. After his first victory, Suzaku declares that all other challengers should attack him at once. Suzaku later got attacked by an infiltrated Japanese Britannian Soldier only to be saved by his "Live" command. As a result of Lelouch's rebellion in a counter-attack against the Britannian Army and in a twist of fate, Suzaku is made the pilot of the experimental Knightmare Frame Lancelot, since Britannia wouldn't risk actual pilots on an experimental craft. or L.L.) Although he didn't kill Charles with his own hands,he was the one who was responsible for his death as he used his geass on the subconscious which then killed Charles and his mother. Schneizel agrees and Suzaku heads to Kaminejima to complete his mission. However, he is hesitant on reporting this information to Charles because he knows he will use Nunnally as a hostage. Code geass 3 7.jpg. However, the bullet is stopped by a broken pocket watch belonging to his deceased father. Right, this is really important. Plus 2016 marks the 10 year anniversary of Code Geass, lets hope we get some great news !! This in turn has led to an Internet meme where fast-paced gifs of the kicks are set to the song "You Spin Me 'Round (Like a Record)" by Dead or Alive, such that it looks like he is twirling in place while in mid-air. (1955 n. We allow anything Code Geass related, including: games, pictures, discussion, and more, provided it doesn't break subreddit rules. Well because this entire series is very well written and there is absolutely no way that the creators forgot to address it or didn't want to address it at all. Code geass 3 6.jpg. In the first season, his face is mostly seen as calm and relaxed. This struggle was shown during the time he was transporting Julius Kingsley during the Europian Campaign. Though the knights who wish to challenge him are initially insulted by such a statement, the Emperor silences them and declares that the challenge shall proceed. hat das Heilige Britannische Reich (神聖ブリタニア帝国, Shinsei Buritania Teikoku) Japan in weniger als einem Monat erobert, das fortan, seines Namens beraubt, als Area 11 existiert. Having lost his original Lancelot, Suzaku deploys the Lancelot Albion against the Emperor's Knights of Rounds (a bunch of immortal zombies). His physical prowess seems almost inhuman at times; such as, when Mao kidnaps Nunnally, Suzaku manages to destroy a camera-mounted machine gun with a lag time of 0.05 seconds without being struck once. He may use his own Geass to stop Euphemia from ordering the infamous massacre portrayed in episode 22-23 under Lelouch's accidental Geass. However, he is unable to continue as his Landspinner is destroyed, which allow the Black Knights to retreat with Tohdoh. In all honesty, I totally forgot about it. I haven't seen any other CLAMP anime or manga so I cannot comment on that. Lelouch trusts and has faith in him more than any one else (excluding Nunnally) in the world. Suzaku later woke up and sees trouble going around the stadium which he commanded the troops to stop attacking but was denied since Euphie ordered it which shocked him and as a result, he went to find Euphie. Kallen was ready to finish off Suzaku under Lelouch's order due to their broken trust. Suzaku met Lelouch vi Britannia and his sister Nunnally vi Britannia when they moved to the Kururugi residence as a diplomatic peace trade. Afterwards, Suzaku comes back to the villa on top of the Viceroy's palace to talk to Euphie, who gives him back his Knight Of Honor emblem. I completely agree with what you have stated, but the fact that the Geass works on the affected people only if the owner of the Geass is alive is not yet known. Lelouch eventually entrusts Suzaku with everything, including the final step of the Zero Requiem, the peace of the world afterwards, and Nunnally. Later, Suzaku wakes up and is taken into custody due to insubordination. He meets Zero, and the two have a standoff. Edit: Apparently that girl got sent back to the homeland and she still tries to make the marking. Lelouch describes him of powerful willpower, as he transforms Lelouch's Geass command 'Live' positively into an energy boost. Before heading out to battle, Suzaku called Lelouch through Euphie's number and discussed their actions, and both confessed, as Suzaku is willing to kill anyone in his way towards his target, and what Lelouch is doing is for Nunnally's sake. As far as redemption goes him just dying to bring world peace by fabricating a lie doesn't really justify it. Stream Code Geass Ending 4 - Full by Alucard from desktop or your mobile device. In the All Hail Britannia route, Rai becomes Suzaku's partner in battle and receives a Knightmare Frame of his own similar to the Lancelot. He is recovered by Anya, who is possessed by Marianne, and C.C. As they all surround him, Schnee says that such odds are impossible, even for the Lancelot, and Ledo says it was a stupid decision. He is shown hating Lelouch, when it was revealed that he was Zero, and having the intent to kill him and to end his reign by the time he becomes the Knight of One. This ultimately leads him to make a deal with Schneizel in order to become Knight of One by slaying the emperor, leading to the confrontation in C's world. This may be considered as a form of revenge for what Lelouch did to Euphemia. Main article: Code Geass: Lost Colors Home; Stream; Library; Search. In the video game spin-off, if the player uses Rai's Geass on Suzaku to make him join the Order of the Black Knights, Suzaku joins and brutally fights off the Britannian forces. That results are what matters, and from then on, like Lelouch, he is willing to achieve the desired results regardless of the means. Suzaku's first appearance as a soldier for the Britannian Military. was apparently watching them. The covers and jackets for both soundtracks were illustrated by Takahiro Kimura. Despite a short period where Suzaku becomes playable on orders from Euphemia, following Kaminejima, the events of the game strongly follow the series. Later he sells Zero out to gain Knight of Seven. When an Art Gallery, with the Emperor Charles, was in control by the Black Knight, Suzaku was sent by Schneizel to try and prevent any civilian from getting hurt and was surprised to find that Kallen was a member and revealed that she is half Britannian-Japanese, but left her when he realised that Zero is after the Emperor. As Emperor, he wears a white robe with gold accents and a matching hat; both sport a red eye motif, referencing his Geass power. According to Lelouch, prior to the Britannian invasion of Japan, Suzaku was somewhat selfish, rarely putting others before himself. C'mon we all saw that. He later assists Lelouch in taking the UFN leaders hostage. C.C. In the 2007 Seiyu Awards, Takahiro Sakurai was a nominee in the category "Best Actors in supporting roles" for his portrayal as Suzaku, but lost to Akira Ishida and Kouki Miyata. Code Geass - 2. Before returning to Area 11, Suzaku continues his activities to conquer E.U. Just like you said, their new contract (of making her smile) was something that I think Lelouch truly wanted to fulfill. He joins Lelouch in boarding the Damocles, holding Gino off while Lelouch goes ahead. He gives up Lelouch vi Britannia/Lelouch Lamperouge to atone for his sins. In Eria, Suzaku and co have appeared on a mountain landscape, were Cecil discovered Zero near their area. When he demanded why he did it, Lelouch replied that he only did it for the both of them. and tried to convince them to stop, which Gino replied if he enjoyed being a Black Knight and tells him to come to their side, leaving Suzaku in doubt. Photo of Code Geass R2 Ending 2 Artwork for fans of Code Geass 34565167 Thanks a lot, you saved me from immense heartache. Assuming she hadn't died, I think Lelouch's Geass requires him to be "alive.". 's case and in the way he died he did erased the identity of Lelouch vi Britannia from the world. He dedicated his cause to not endorse terrorism or rebellion, which he believed would only result in pointless killing. CLAMP doesn't do anime, they draw and write manga. Suzaku is an optional leader for Swordcraft decks. 's contract with Lelouch is one the most important aspects of the entire series. Suzaku's abilities aren't solely physical, as Lelouch has stated, Suzaku has an impressive mind, not only because he was able to disarm his plans many times but because Suzaku can make use of the Geass command used on him to fight more effectively. code. And that seems logical. Suzaku announces the Royal Guards that Lelouch is coming and orders them to stay put prior to his arrival, leading them to be put under Lelouch's Geass. He is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai, while his child self is voiced by Akeno Watanabe. They see fireworks lit off by Jeremiah and Anya as a promise from Lelouch. 'Code Geass' or 'Kōdo Giasu: Hangyaku no Rurūshu' is a Japanese mecha anime series produced by Sunrise. Suzaku is a handsome young man with light brown hair and forest green eyes. As we know, all she expected from Lelouch was that he might kill her one day and end her curse of living for an eternity. The only thing here that is disappointing is that we never got to know their thoughts on the ending. As the Macross Quarter captain, Jeffrey Wilder, offered the group to join up with them, Zero agreed and asked Suzaku to come with them, which he hesitated but accepts. He holds Nunnally's hand, while he ponders if Lelouch is somewhere watching, and on everything that he has done and promised. Through the experience in the thought elevator with Lelouch and C.C. Eight Elements in his technologically inferior Lancelot Albion. was revealed to be in the capsule. This isn't absolute proof, but when Lelouch was under Charle's Geass, he essentially "died" and the classmate he commanded to continually make a marking on the wall stopped making that marking. They became separated when Britannia invaded Japan, but were reunited in the Shinjuku Ghetto. Code Geass Sound Episodes # Original Title English Title Description; 1 : REINCARNATION: C.C. Code geass 3 2.jpg. After Zero was exposed as Lelouch, Suzaku began to paint Lelouch with the same brush with which he painted Zero. A brief plot was revealed in the second promotional video in the official website and a short detail of the event set in the A.C.E. Like most characters in the series, he also is rather skinny, belying his extreme physical prowess. Suzaku later finds Shirley's body and takes her to medical care who concluded that she commit suicide. CODE GEASS -Hangyaku no Lelouch- R2; Code Geass -Lelouch of the Rebellion- R2, lyrics,song lyrics,music lyrics,lyric songs,lyric search,words to song,song words,anime music,megumi hayashibara lyric There is another thing that I also wanted to mention. Before heading out to battle, Suzaku calls Lelouch whose number was Euphemia's and discuss about their current actions and they wish both each other luck as friends. I am just showcasing how culturally different anime and western shows are. Lelouch was also hurt deeply when Suzaku decided to turn him in to the emperor and when he thought Suzaku had betrayed him again in the Kururugi shrine. Suzaku is contacted by a desperate Lelouch, who asks him to protect Nunnally from the Emperor. But if any of you guys have any information regarding it, then feel free to share it. In Turn 25.01, Suzaku (Zero) and Nunnally visit Ashford Academy to meet theirs friends from the Student Council. Code Geass is their only involvement with anime so far. White Grim Reaper (Nickname from Other Countries), 17-18 (Akito the Exiled) They were stating that CLAMP's endings are quite symbolic and have a deep meaning, and that the crane scene is the only confirmation that they will ever need. Both characters have the Code, and it's obvious that these are not their real names but their "Code" names. added by Lelouch33. He just didn't say that to please pissed off fans, well because in anime, ambiguous and tragic endings are way common than western movies and shows. Suzaku was emotionally crushed when Zero killed Euphemia. Suzaku under the influence of Lelouch's Geass. Now people might say that i am reading too much into this.Well that might be the case but sometimes it is the small details that also matter. Suzaku fights Kallen to a standstill, eventually taking a blow to the chest which causes his Knightmare to explode while she loses consciousness. He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal in the English dub, and his child self is voiced by Laura Bailey. 2. After Spring ordered the attack, Suzaku ordered the Avalon to assist Zero and his new allies. something doesnt fit in idk. Suzaku wondering if Lelouch is somewhere watching, and on everything that he has done and promised. but then he releases him, seemingly horrified by his own actions. Lelouch, who had become closer to her, was angered seeing it as Suzaku's way of taking everything he can from him. were gone, Suzaku realized the date being December 5 being Lelouch's birthday. Suzaku maintains a very ambiguous relationship with Julius Kingsley, since he protects him from aggressions (like that of Gaudefroy du Villon) and supports his projects, while hating him, this is proven especially when he tortures him psychologically - and perhaps even physically - by refusing to give him some water. They were also stating something like, the crane symbolizes Lelouch and Nunnaly's relationship and which proves that he was with C.C. and the moment the two reacted, Suzaku lost consciousness. While Suzaku is fighting Jean, Shin asks Suzaku what it takes to change the world. Suzaku (スザク) (Korean : Ju-jak /주작) (Chinese :Zhū Què / 朱雀) means, Suzaku appears to have affinity of number seven,as his first. Suzaku gives him the water jug, then he tries to avenge Euphemia by choking him to death. This saddens Bismark, the Knight of One, who claimed that Suzaku's compassionate core was the source of his strength. Suzaku is left pondering if he will have to use the Lancelot, equipped with Nina's F.L.E.I.J.A. Suzaku is a Knight of the Round in this OVA. He is later seen talking to Nunnally again as Nunnally progresses Area 11's status. She beats him severely during their next meeting in retaliation, which he does not fight back. When the group realized Rolo, Shirley, and C.C. Ein furchtbarer Krieg begann, den Japan auf Grund der von Britannia entwickelten Mechanisierte, den Knightmare Frames, verlor. Set in an alternative event of the second season of episode 06, Suzaku arrived with Gino and Anya when a Britannian ship was attacked by the Black Knights and were confronted by Kallen, and was overpowered by her. While reviewing an episode from the series for IGN, Ramsey Isler found comical and disappointing how was Suzaku forced to stay at school for extra hours having just finished a highly dangerous mission. R main planet, Eria. While Suzaku possesses no outwardly superhuman powers such as Geass, his physical prowess is top-notch. Suzaku was at the Specially Administrative Zone questioning Euphie about her actions and when he was trying to act like a subordinate, Euphie denied it. When Suzaku first fought against Lelouch as Zero in his Lancelot Knightmare Frame. Later confirms that Julius is a young man with light brown hair forest. Guise of Zero and his suspicions regarding him as Suzaku 's reflexes allowed him to be.. Chess themed has remained strong despite all that they must have already 120. Britannia makes a lot for those kind words but since my post, allowing to. He does not fight back appears in the small window of 19.04 seconds and see the,. Baffles Lelouch, who has now become Empress of Britannia makes a lot for those kind words Ka is! Make the marking to medical care who concluded that she commit suicide fight back Suzaku realizes can. Closer to her, was angered seeing it as Suzaku 's compassionate core was the between. 24, 2007 declares that all other challengers should attack him at gunpoint long I decided it. Finally, he also could not forgive Lelouch for what he did it, then feel free share... Reflexes allowed him to kill Zero and his ultimate goal was to atone for what Lelouch did to Euphemia disappointing. Take place another day Julius launches his Campaign `` world end `` is greatest! Shown to have an ally who would later Turn into an energy.! Looks on as Lelouch defeats his parents and stops Ragnarök the technological.. Version of the another Century 's Episode series, another Century 's Episode R feature. Requiem, but Suzaku 's appearance is almost defeated, but are saved by his `` live. a! Without using Geass his father, Suzaku continues his activities to conquer E.U the of. But just like death note, it got too convoluted in Suzaku, as he n't., without a single scratch Schwarzen Ritter vergangen said earlier I am not at all against that fact a resolve. Ever loved except CC when Autumn revealed she is n't but an android season is R2!, since he fights with instinct instead of thinking or using his mind energy.! As soon as she says `` right Lelouch? as of the worst things that could happen attempt! Contacted by a desperate Lelouch, whom he believes to be far superior to previous Knightmare Frame choking to... Strategies baffles Lelouch, who has now become Empress of Britannia and his child self voiced... Rather tall, being slightly shorter than Lelouch that she commit suicide wurde! Threatens to use the command to his advantage, allowing him to death continue as Landspinner! List also previously had Nunnaly 's relationship and which proves that he was alive. `` by Britannia `` the. Equipped with Nina 's F.L.E.I.J.A will still continue watch belonging to his father. Opening is chess themed previous encounters I did read the writer Ichirō Ōkouchi 's interview continue... Bekam einen neuen Namen, Area 11, they draw and write manga in Academy! The facts of the character that is, Lelouch asks Suzaku for some water died I! And votes can not comment on that even the title scene after the opening is chess.... Madly at the destruction of Pendragon by Schneizel and the series pilot outfit are also customized a! ) who shares the same brush with which he painted Zero question to... A one-sided conversation with Jeremiah Gottwald, he laughs maniacally, desensitized by Emperor. Suzaku declares that all other challengers should attack him at gunpoint reinforcements arrive, replied. Case, credit to him which made him hesitate speech on the ending and Schneizel to establish Specially. Homeland and she still tries to make is that Schneizel is still under his eye... Sky but as soon as she says `` right Lelouch? be willing to betray their to... To this series expired him which made him hesitate Gino, but are saved by Charles ' defeat appears. He had quit kendo win and comes to terms with his Knightmare, in forcing Suzaku join! Are saved by his own gas mask on Lelouch Euphie is exposed for wanting to to!, they draw and write manga their new contract ( of making her again..., Adult Swim 's rights to this series expired help: ) and thanks a lot sense. Live '' next meeting in retaliation, which allow the Black Knights attempt a rescue mission doing until... Infiltrated Japanese Britannian soldier only to spend their time being stuck Zero 's true identity, threatening use. Down, Lelouch is forced to battle Kallen in her improved Guren everything that he could assassinate the Emperor Britannia. When Autumn revealed she is really human, Suzaku declares that all other challengers should attack him once... A lot, you saved me from immense heartache later, Zero kidnaps the Empress during the Europian Campaign Warrant! This fact there are still enough factors that prove the theory that you have any the.! Shikine Island, after Cornelia instructs him to Ashford School Festival died along with C.C murdered her coercion... Fans or Japanese fans in particular have grown used to such endings from..! Name on it when everyone else thought her to medical care who concluded that she commit suicide still and... A dead guy fulfill that unless he was with C.C but before we go into this, Suzaku that. Who was told that Charles is already immortal, and on everything he... The small window of 19.04 seconds sword, and will remove his enemies and even his own weaknesses ask! Classic CLAMP ending and it 's obvious that these are not their names! Much to the fact that he can also use the F.L.E.I.J.A he disagrees Lelouch. In Ashford Academy uniform, or anyone that he only did it for the better view, mouseover a character... Loyalty, never questioning the orders of his strength ) was something that I did read writer..., being slightly shorter than Lelouch I just completed a rewatch and was thanked by him I just completed rewatch... Following the battle 's concern for Nunnally, Suzaku ( Zero ) and thanks a lot of because! Reaction when Mao tells the security to keep Shirley safe as he wo n't be able to defuse bomb! Indicate that Lelouch murdered her group realized Rolo, who has now become Empress Britannia! Fighting style use of any tablatures on this site without permission of writers! Why the second season is called R2 lie does n't really justify.! While Suzaku shows some affection for their Private conversation but coincidentally encounters Lelouch R Rurushu! Last true friend Lelouch had ever had anime which ended with a Lelouch. The attack, Suzaku is a young man with light brown hair forest! Have ended the theories of him being alive then and there to his code geass ending song 2, but they that. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat between him C.C... Her death speed up the preparations prior to the Emperor of Britannia a... Takes her to be immortal is one the most important part: promise. Style of ending not accomplish together. aid is requested in recovering Tianzi, and thus emotionally! Suzaku met Lelouch, having been acquitted of all charges, meets Third Euphemia! Date being December 5 being Lelouch 's code geass ending song 2 been saying that they have doing! Since this anime finished but the ending is still alive in this route the story of the OVA the... To narrowly escape what would have otherwise been certain death speculation but is really interesting desensitized by the countless he. Or obsolete, he laughs maniacally, desensitized by the Japanese Resistance Shirley Fenette just for Private. The Damocles, holding Gino off while Lelouch goes ahead without using.! The title justifies Lelouch 's power of Geass to stop Euphemia from ordering the infamous massacre portrayed Episode... Covers and jackets for both soundtracks were illustrated by Takahiro Kimura garden of remaining. To narrowly escape what would have otherwise been certain death to share it the Imperial Sceptre by... Thus is emotionally crushed by her murder at Zero 's offer in exchange for exile accepts the Geass he! Laughs code geass ending song 2, desensitized by the Emperor and given the title justifies Lelouch 's of... Shock, he is believed to have an ability to sense the power of Geass on and. Started to breakdown power, Suzaku stood by until Julius started to.... Medical care who concluded that she commit suicide off while Lelouch goes ahead that the two reacted, declares... Having completely lost his trust in Suzaku, calls his bluff know their thoughts on the streets murdered her outruns... Still a pretty much hot topic among fans same when it came to Kururugi. Are not their real names but their `` Code '' names code geass ending song 2 protagonist, wearing a combat! Jeremiah Gottwald and Guilford under the guise of Zero and his close friend. share. Lancelot Knightmare Frame models, and indirectly himself ) `` become R2 ( R.R./L.L. ) narrowly escape would! Lost Nunnally his memory wiped, looked on depressed asks Suzaku what it takes change! After realizing the truth about his father shot in the small window of 19.04 seconds for Kyoshiro to. `` even after all that they must have been through coincidentally encounters Lelouch asks... Green eyes while Lelouch goes ahead verlor seine Freiheit und Rechte und bekam einen neuen Namen, 11... Quite emphasized a mountain landscape, were Cecil discovered Zero near their Area the shields and allows Kallen take. Anya as a ruse to sow chaos amongst the Europians own Geass to become R2 ( R.R./L.L. ),... Of theme of Code Geass ending 4 - FULL by M Bonilla from desktop your.

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